The English Learner Advisory Committee(ELAC) is a committee comprised of parents, staff, and community members specifically designated to advise school officials on English Learner program services.  For more information on ELAC requirements and responsibilities, click here for ELAC Requirements page.

John R. Williams ELAC Committee Elected Officers

Chairperson - Zuleima Hernandez   
Co-Chairperson - Nataly Guarniz

Lincoln Latin Leadership(LLL) Representative - Telma Delgadillo 
DELAC Representative - Veronica Almazan

Meeting Minutes

​-Click below to review ELAC meeting notes-
09/14/17 - English
09/14/17 - Spanish
11/03/17 - English
12/15/17 - English
12/15/17 - Spanish
03/16/2018 - English
03/16/2018 - Spanish